Welcome to my site. So nice of you to drop by. Won't you come on in and look around. In my various roles, I write westerns, and mysteries, and romantic suspense. Really, all of us like a bit of mystery and to be kept in suspense, in any story. And we all thrive on a bit of romance. And what is life without the thrill of action?

So I include a bit of all of the above in every story I write, some stories getting more of one of the other elements. (I can't help myself.) Please, come on in, and look around, and see for yourself.


Pa's Journal - Legend of Epitaph Creek

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After a deliberately set range fire that he leads his family to escape, a father goes to seek help for his family, and can't get back. His sixteen-year old son, Davy, reads his father's Journal to get into his father's head so he can find him or his body; the journal becomes his guide to manhood and earns him respect in the community.

As he grows, he learns sorrow when his first love dies of influenza, and again when his second love most leave. As he searches for traces of his father, those who set the fire and then massacred the rest, fearing Davy will find evidence that points at them, stalk him.

Taught how to fight so he can survive the stalkers by the lawman, Davy becomes a legend. And the legend brings his father back, and gives the girl he loves the courage to come back to him. But the stalkers/killers are still there and decide it's time to take him out.

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